InBC Investment Corp.
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InBC is a Crown corporation responsible for a new $500-million strategic investment fund created by the government of British Columbia. InBC’s investments will grow the economy and create jobs that will support people in all regions of the province. Together with private and public sector partners, InBC will invest in small and medium-sized B.C. businesses with high growth potential.

Our mandate is to help promising companies grow, while generating returns that benefit people in British Columbia. Through our progressive investments, we will help to anchor talent, innovation, intellectual property and high-quality, family-supporting jobs throughout the province.

InBC’s investment decisions will go beyond generating a financial return for the province – ours is a triple bottom line approach. In addition to seeking a financial return on investment, we will invest in companies that will help make life better for British Columbians. Our investments will foster a low carbon economy, support lasting and meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, help achieve greater diversity and inclusion, and contribute to a more sustainable economy that works for everyone.