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We are hosting online information sessions for anyone interested in learning more about our investment strategy. InBC is a strategic investment fund with $500 million to invest in growing companies and venture funds focused on delivering positive social, environmental and economic benefits for British Columbians. We have been developing our investment strategy over the past … Read More

Summer Edition: CEO Message

Summer continues to be a busy time for the InBC team. With our Investment Policy Statement (IPS) now approved, we are fully operationalizing our processes, tools and templates to begin reviewing investment opportunities this fall. Building a strong foundation is an essential step to ensure we have a thorough process through which to evaluate investment … Read More

InBC’s Request for Proposal – CRM

InBC has submitted a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage its key stakeholders, including leads, applicants, recipients, and investors. This CRM solution will need to handle traditional contact management capabilities including tracking touchpoints, storing customer files, managing workflows, and assigning employee tasks. If you’re interested, or would like … Read More

We are building a collaborative team of fast-paced, high-performing individuals to help us deliver on our triple bottom line mandate and make a difference in BC through impactful investments. Join us for an information session to learn more about the Investment Principal and Investment Associate roles. This is your opportunity to meet our team and … Read More

June 2022 – CEO’s Message

June marks six months since I started at InBC and in that period there have been remarkable changes, both internally to our organization, but also across the province, and globally. The current economic climate is causing increased uncertainty within the fundraising environment, resulting in many entrepreneurs and investors pausing as they consider next steps. The … Read More

We finally had the chance to sit down with Leah Nguyen, CIO at InBC, and ask about her formal education, professional experience and future vision for InBC. Here is a snapshot of what we uncovered about our inaugural Chief Investment Officer and some of the thinking that will inform InBC’s investment policy. Leah’s entrance to … Read More

Earlier this month, CEO Jill Earthy and CIO Leah Nguyen were featured on an podcast with Pender Ventures. The episode explores their background and education, career journeys, entrance into the venture capital and entrepreneur ecosystems, and the future vision for InBC. Listen to the full podcast here.

InBC has established its baseline operations and is expecting to grow rapidly over the next few years. As InBC’s operations grow, it will require information systems to support, streamline and coordinate its information, reporting, and activities. InBC is requesting information from interested parties for the supply of software licensing and implementation services to support a … Read More

April 2022 – CEO’s Message

April represents the start of a new fiscal year for us at InBC, and this year, we welcomed two new members to our leadership team: Leah Nguyen as Chief Investment Officer and Juvarya Veltkamp as Chief of Strategy and Operations. Leah and Juvarya both started on April 4th and have fully immersed themselves into the … Read More

The new chief investment officer for B.C.’s $500-million strategic investment fund is eager to prove that startups that want to make a positive environmental, economic or social impact can also generate a financial return for investors. “I think there’s this notion that folks subscribe to that there has to be a trade-off,” Leah Nguyen told … Read More