InBC Investment Corp. InBC Investment Corp.
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InBC Investment Corp. is about doing things differently. It’s new. It’s bold. Most importantly, it will help position our province as an economic leader as we move into the post pandemic economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been very hard on people and businesses in B.C. and it will continue to be for some time. In the business community, many entrepreneurs are wondering how they will make it through the year and where they will secure the next round of funding they need to grow their business. This $500-million fund provides access to capital to help businesses grow and build a legacy in B.C.

As we begin to build back from these challenges, we must be bold and lay a solid foundation to position our province’s economy for the long term. InBC’s “triple bottom line” mandate equally values our people and planet while remaining profitable. The impacts of the fund will be felt far beyond attracting co-investment and creating jobs across the province. It will strengthen B.C.’s reputation as a globally competitive, low-carbon jurisdiction and will advance priorities that people value in British Columbia.

People in B.C. drive innovation; we encourage sustainability, and we value diversity and inclusiveness. These important principles are reflected in InBC and I am proud to support this work.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we need to work together to build an economy that creates good jobs, advances reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and is cleaner, greener and more resilient than before. InBC will help us get there.

Ravi Kahlon
Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation