InBC Investment Corp.
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Investing in Positive Impact

InBC invests equity in venture funds and businesses that seek to address environmental and social issues, while delivering financial returns for people of British Columbia. 

Our criteria

Each investment InBC makes is individually assessed according to its:

  1. Strength of connection to BC
  2. Alignment with one (or more) of our impact objectives
  3. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks
  4. Ability to provide a return on investment and generate a profit

Our process

How InBC is investing

Fall 2022

For venture funds seeking investment and which demonstrate alignment with InBC criteria, please send materials that provide information on the following to

  1. Connection to B.C.: Where are you headquartered? Are there key decision makers based in B.C.? What portion of your portfolio and deal flow are based in B.C.?
  2. Impact: How does your organization define impact and how does it align with InBC’s investment objectives as detailed here. What are the metrics you use to measure your impact?
  3. Business: An overview of the firm, key management team, business model (including the stages of investments and types of investments) and historical fund performance (if available). Who do you consider your competition and what is your unique differentiator?
  4. Financial Profile: Your target fund size, the amount raised to date and the timeline for close. If available, who is your anchor LP?

Spring 2023

In spring 2023, InBC will begin reviewing opportunities for direct investment in early stage and later stage companies. It will not be directly investing in seed stage companies. Additional details about the direct investing program will be available in early 2023.

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What InBC doesn’t offer

  • Grants
  • Loan guarantees or government guarantees
  • Investments in infrastructure projects or real estate
  • Direct investment into seed stage companies
  • Short-term financing

For more details of our approach and criteria, see our investment strategy overview and frequently asked questions.

Building positive, profitable relationships

As an investor, InBC is uniquely positioned to focus on triple bottom line, long-term investments for the benefit of British Columbians. 

For entrepreneurs, InBC offers:

  • An inclusive assessment process 
  • A patient investor who has longer term expectations for returns
  • Access to a support network through InBC’s partners
  • Opportunity for additional investment through follow on capital

For fund managers, InBC provides:

  • Values-aligned capital to launch or support an investment fund
  • Support for a portfolio that advances reconciliation, gender balance, diversity, and low-carbon solutions