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We are pleased to announce our first investments, starting with venture capital funds that have strong connections to B.C. and are aligned with our impact objectives to drive climate action, advance reconciliation and innovate for the future. Our investments into these funds build on their momentum to support entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of their industries.

Evok Innovations logo thumbnail

Evok Innovations invests in technologies that are accelerating the energy sector’s transition to clean energy and the transition towards a net zero future. It is focusing on next-generation technologies, ranging from hydrogen to carbon-to-value and long-duration energy storage. Learn more

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners logo thumbnail

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is the only Indigenous-owned and led impact investment firm on Turtle Island (North America) and invests to revitalize the Indigenous economy. It is investing in innovative, scalable and purpose-driven Indigenous enterprises. Learn more

Yaletown Partners logo thumbnail

Yaletown Partners invests in the “Intelligent Industry” of technology companies that are working to digitally transform traditional industries. It is investing in technologies that enable industries to increase their operational efficiencies, ranging from artificial intelligence to software-defined systems. Learn more

InBC’s investment per fund aligns with the portfolio concentrations outlined in our Investment Policy Statement. For specific dollar amounts, we are respecting each fund’s communications plan for when they are ready to publicly announce.

These are just the beginning of the investments that InBC will be making. We continue to assess investment opportunities into funds, and in the spring will launch our program for investing directly into businesses. Due to the volume of applications, we are processing submissions on an ongoing basis. Learn more about our criteria