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InBC invests patient, additive capital in funds and ventures with intentional and measurable impact.

Starting Fall 2022, InBC will begin reviewing investment opportunities in venture capital funds that align with our triple-bottom line mandate and impact objectives across the various stages of growth (seed, early stage and later stage) with strong connections to BC. In 2023, we will progress to also reviewing investment opportunities direct into early stage and later stage ventures. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on when we will begin reviewing direct investment opportunities.

Alongside other investors.Infrastructure projects, or provide government guarantees or “first loss” investments.
In opportunities aligned with our impact objectives and with strong connection to BC.Seed companies directly (only through venture capital funds).
In venture funds focused on seed, early stage and later stage companies.Distressed businesses or those in need of short-term financial support.
We will not provide grants.
On commercial terms to provide a return.Illegal industries

If you are a venture capital fund that aligns with our impact objectives, please send a pitch deck to along with the details listed below.

  1. Connection to BC
    • Location of the fund’s headquarters and the percentage of executives (Principal and above) who are located in British Columbia.
    • The portion of the portfolio and deal flow that are based in BC.
  2. Impact
    • Organization’s definition of impact and its alignment with InBC’s investment objectives as detailed here.
    • Metrics used to measure impact.
  3. Business
    • An overview of the firm, key management team, business model (including the stages of investments and types of investments) and historical fund performance (if available).
    • Who do you consider your competition and what is your unique differentiator?
  4. Financial Profile
    • Target fund size, the amount raised to date and the timeline for close.
    • If available, who is your anchor LP?