InBC Investment Corp.
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Included in InBC are two other previously announced investment funds:

•       BC Immigrant Investment Fund (BCIIF) which manages and invests BC’s share of funds received through the federal Immigrant Investor Program. The Immigrant Investor Program was terminated by the Federal Government in 2014.  BCIIF also manages its subsidiary The BC Renaissance Capital Fund (BCRCF) which holds venture capital investments in British Columbia’s technology sector.

•      BC Tech Fund, a $100-million fund that invests in multiple BC-based venture capital funds and co-invests with other venture capital fund partners into B.C. companies. This fund is managed by Kensington Capital Partners.

Mandate Letters

Mandate Letter | 2020-2021

Mandate Letter | 2019-2020

Mandate Letter | 2018-2019

Mandate Letter | 2017-2018 (September 2017)   Mandate Letter | 2017-2018 (January 2017)

Mandate Letter | 2016-2017

Service Plan

BCIIF Service Plan | 2020-2023

BCIIF Service Plan | 2019-2022

BCIIF Service Plan | 2018-2021

BCIIF Service Plan | 2017-2020 (September 2017)    BCIIF Service Plan | 2017-2020 (February 2017)

BCIIF Service Plan | 2016-2019

BCIIF Service Plan | 2015-2018

Service Plan Report

BCIIF Service Plan Report | 2019-2020

BCIIF Service Plan Report | 2018-2019

BCIIF Service Plan Report | 2017-2018

BCIIF Service Plan Report | 2016-2017

BCIIF Service Plan Report | 2015-2016

Policies and Expectations

BCIIF Standards of Conduct 2014