InBC Investment Corp. InBC Investment Corp.
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Corporate Reports

Strategic Plan

2023-26 Strategic Plan

Annual Report

2022-23 Annual Report

2021-22 Annual Report

Investment Policy Statement

Investment Policy Statement

Investment Strategy Summary

Investment Strategy Two-Page Summary

Investment Risk Management Strategy

Service Plan

2023-24 InBC Service Plan

2022-23 InBC Service Plan

2021-22 InBC Service Plan

Mandate Letter

2023-24 InBC Mandate Letter

2021-22 InBC Mandate Letter

Service Plan Report

2022-23 InBC Annual Service Plan Report

2021-22 InBC Annual Service Plan Report

2020-21 InBC Annual Service Plan Report

InBC Business Case Summary

InBC Business Case Summary

Statement of Financial Information

2022-23 Statement of Financial Information

2021-22 Statement of Financial Information

2020-21 Statement of Financial Information

Board Governance

Board Governance Manual and Conflict of Interest Policy

Board Remuneration Disclosure

InBC Board Appointee Remuneration Disclosure 2022-23

InBC Board Appointee Remuneration Disclosure 2021-22

Executive Compensation Disclosure

InBC Executive Compensation Disclosure 2022-23

InBC Executive Compensation Disclosure 2021-22

Please note reports published before September 2020 will refer to InBC under its previous operating name, the BC Immigrant Investment Fund. InBC continues to administer the legacy operations and investments of the BC Immigrant Investment Fund and its subsidiary the BC Renaissance Capital Fund. Those corporate reports can be found here.