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InBC is pleased to announce the launch of Capital Compass BC, a new online platform providing a dynamic snapshot of B.C. companies and capital sources across the province. Capital Compass is a joint initiative of InBC, Innovate BC, New Ventures BC and PacifiCan.

Capital Compass BC will enable companies to better utilize the extensive capital sources in the province. B.C. businesses now have access to a central platform to effectively navigate funding sources and discover new investors and leads.

For capital and service providers, the platform provides greater visibility of the B.C. business and startup ecosystem, including valuable information that can identify gaps, opportunities and potential collaborators in the ecosystem.

Policy makers can utilize the data from the platform to help inform processes, policy, new programs and other initiatives.

B.C. companies should add or update their company profiles on Capital Compass BC to gain visibility and validate their information.

Investors, service providers, and academia, government and non-profit organizations that have programs or funding for B.C. companies can also share and validate their program information to gain visibility and help the database become more complete.  

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