InBC Investment Corp. InBC Investment Corp.
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Our Why

To invest in a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive future for British Columbia.

InBC Investment Corp. (InBC) is a strategic investment fund created by the Government of British Columbia and tasked with five key priorities:

Putting people first.

Lasting and meaningful reconciliation.

Equity and anti-racism.

A better future through fighting climate change.

A strong, sustainable economy that works for everyone.

*The day-to-day operations and investment decision making of InBC are independent of the government. 

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A different kind of
investment partner

InBC supports companies and venture funds with a strong connection to B.C. who are as focused on meaningful impact as they are on profit. As such, impact is at the core of every decision it makes.

Our Values

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Steward positive change.
We are entrusted to affect broad, positive change for B.C.

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Collaborate for impact.
We actively seek and value different perspectives and experiences to shape better outcomes.

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Stay curious.
We listen, seek to understand and continuously innovate for positive impact.

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Catalyze action.
The challenges our world faces require action and leadership. We’re here to galvanize a better future.

Our Executive Leadership Team consists of leaders in venture capital and impact investment, entrepreneurship and finance. Our team also includes a number of highly accomplished professionals in finance and accounting, operations and marketing, and investment associates and principals. 

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Alexander Chui
General Counsel

Accountability and Governance

InBC is overseen by a nine-member Board of Directors, made up of both public and private sector members.