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InBC is pleased to present our Strategic Plan outlining our overarching goals for the next three years and how we will prioritize our activities to accomplish and track these goals through to 2026. This plan builds on our first full year of operations and the launch of our investment strategy, and lays a path towards our vision of a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive British Columbia.

This Strategic Plan was developed through a series of planning sessions with the InBC internal team, Board of Directors and through conversations with stakeholders across the government and business ecosystems. It will be reviewed annually based on community engagement and shifting market priorities. Progress will be shared through our Annual Report.

Summary of Goals

Goal 1Goal 2Goal 3
Invest capital to generate long-term financial returns and social and environmental impactsLead as an accountable and transparent investment fundPosition InBC as a valuable
contributor to the investment and innovation landscape in B.C.

You can read more about each goal as well as our priorities, key activities and metrics for tracking progress by accessing the full Strategic Plan here: